Why should you grow your own garlic?

Garlic is native to China but over the centuries it spread to Europe and the rest of the world.  Europeans (French, Italians, and Czechs) are still growing the best garlic in the world.  The biggest producer of garlic continues to be China.  They produce ¾ of the all the garlic available today.  Every supermarket in the US is selling Chinese (softneck) garlic.

What most people don’t know about China’s “supermarket” garlic?

  1. China’s garlic is often fertilized with human feces.
  2. It is bleached after harvest.
  3. China continues to use a chemical treatement of methybromide to kill off parasites.  (Methybromide’s use as a pesticide has been phased out by most countries since early 2000’s)
  4. The garlic is already 1 year old by the time it gets to the supermarket shelves.

Unfortunately, the garlic found in supermarkets throughout the US is bland, missing flavor, aroma, pungency, vitamins and minerals thanks to the chemical treatments.  If you are a lover of garlic, you are better off growing it for yourself.  Our government does not have any other choice but to order from China due to a lack of domestic supply.  If you have a small garden please consider growing your own supply.  It is super easy to grow!!!


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