Available garlic remaining – Bogatyr, Carpathian, Chesnok Red aka Shvelisi, Dukat, German Red, Inchelium Red, Killarney Red, Lukan, Matus, Music, Nootka Rose, Red Rezan, Ropal, Rusak, Vekan & Zemo

Bogatyr – Bogatyr garlic has awesome heat and flavor. It has a great garlic flavor with a tingly hotness. The bulbs and cloves are large and store well up to 8 months.

Carpathian – Carpathian garlic is a favorite among garlic growers due to its hardiness and wonderful flavor.

Chesnok Red/Shvelisi – Chesnok Red aka Shvelisi is known for being the “Best Baking Garlic”. It has a full bodied flavor that lingers and is retained after cooking. Chesnok Red is the sweetest of all the baking garlics.

Dukat -Dukat garlic is hot with a very good flavor. It stores well up to 1 year. Dukat has a high concentration of allicin and is very disease resistant.

German Red – German Red tastes great in stews, roasts and gravy. Has a complex, strong, and rich aromatic flavor.

Inchelium Red – Inchelium Red is the “National TasteTest Winner!” with a mild, lingering flavor with a tingle.

Killarney Red – Killarney Red is a very hardy grower with tolerance to wet growing conditions. Its flavor is very rich, hot, spicy with a robust garlic flavor.

Lukan – Lukan has a garlicy flavor with a bit of heat. It stores well up to 10 months, and is tolerant to wet conditions. It is the most productive of Artichokes.

Matus – Garlic with wonderful garlic flavor and hot taste, suitable for long storage up to 10 months. Very tolerant to cold conditions.

Music – Music is an Italian variant great for baking with robust flavor. It has a hot, rich, and strong flavor.

Nootka Rose – Nootka Rose has a strong and aggressive flavor. It is easy to grow and is very hardy.

Red Rezan – Great for roasting with a flavor that has medium heat with little after taste. We highly recommend using Red Rezan with meats and veggies.

Ropal – This garlic has very hot, nutty taste that will leave your mouth tingling. Stores up to 5 months.

Rusak – Rusak is hot with large bulbs. Stores up to 1 year. Easy to grow and very adaptable.

Vekan – Vekan is disease resistant, very productive, and hardy. It stores well up to 10 months. It is medium to large in size. Its flavor is sharp and rich.

Zemo – Zemo is a spicy and hot Georgian/Russian variant that is easy to grow, disease resistant, and tolerant to cold conditions. It has a high amount of allicin, averages 4 to 5 cloves, and stores well.

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